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We design, manufacture and deliver geological prospecting and exploration equipment and software

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Jack pulsed power supplies



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Main features:
  • High operating energy
  • Rugged construction for use in adverse conditions
  • High charge rate
  • Possible to control power consumption
  • Compact device

Power supplies Jack are designed to provide functioning of sparkers of different types that are used in geophysical surveys on water areas, "water-land" transition zones and borehole investigations. Releasing energy of the power supply can reach 1000-5000 Joules depending on the model (or more on request), and can be changed in range 100-5000 J with a step of 50-150 J. A reliable thyristor key is used in the configuration allowing really short (60-200 μs) and high-voltage (up to 4 kV) pulses to be produced. The power supply is charged from electric line 220 V. The configuration of the device provides power consumption control what allows the use of it along with compact portable generators ( 0.8 kW).

Pulsed power supplies Jack can operate in three triggering modes: with an external control pulse; with a forced start (manual mode), with repetitive pulses (the period of detonation 1 - 10 sec). There is a special connector at the frame of the device for sync pulse to use for precise launching the receiver. Power supply Jack is compact, lightweight (f.e. Jack-2550 weighs only 32 kg) with high-impact waterproof case (Peli case) that permits it to be called truly mobile device outstanding from the available analogues on the market.

Operating voltage up to 4 kV
Operating energy 100 – 5000 J
Discharger type thyristor
Trigger mode external/repetitive/manual
Period of internal timer 1-10 s
Parameters of supplying electric line 220 V, 50 Hz
Power consumption 0,8-3,5 kW
Overall dimensions 600х500х300 mm
Weight 32 kg
Power consumption up to 1,2 kW
Overall dimensions 540х410х270 mm
Weight 21.5 kg
All year round
marin, land, borehole
1D, 2D, 3D, 4D