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We design, manufacture and deliver geological prospecting and exploration equipment and software
We design, manufacture and deliver geological prospecting and exploration equipment and software


February 14, 2018

We updated the list of events! You can see it on the site.

February 13, 2018

At February 5-8, 2018 in Moscow it was held GeoEurasia: Conference and Exhibition  (GECE 2018). Vladimir Ignatev delivered a commercial presentation "Modern homeland sources for seismic surveys of high and ultra-high resolution." Also, Geodevice people took part in preparation of the following talks :
1. Hyperbolic median filtering as a method of signal separation when operating a multisource in the water area (Shuvalov A.A., Tarasov A.V., Ignatev V.I., Oshkin A.N., Konkov A.I., Kashtan B.M.).
2. Experience in the use of shallow borehole seismoacoustic seismic investigations to study the structure and condition of the rock mass (Oshkin A.N., Ignatiev V.I., Konkov A.I.) 

December 06, 2017

Geodevice LLC has signed a long-term cooperation agreement with SolGeo, one of the world's leading manufacturers of equipment for crosshole seismic testing and dynamic monitoring. Seriate (BG), Italy.

October 11, 2017

Andrey Konkov has delivered two talks at the 4th International Conference on Engineering Geophysics (ICEG 2017) in Al Ain (UAE): 

1. Near surface exploration for horizontal welling using CSRMT method: сase study (Alexander Saraev, Ksenia Antashuk, Alexander Simakov, Arseny Shlykov, Andrey Konkov).
2. Complex of high-frequency well-seismic methods for detailed study of rock mass (Nikita Ragozin, Vladimir Ignatev, Andrey Konkov, Alexander Oshkin).

More detailed information about their content, as well as the equipment used in the framework of the relevant studies, can be found at the Geodevice LLC exhibition booth.

September 29, 2017


From September 24th to 29th the city of Houston has been hosting the SEG International Exposition and 87th Annual Meeting at which Geodevice LLC was fortunate to attract much attention of the public.

September 4, 2017

Geodevice LLC is showcasing the crosshole seismic testing (CST) technology through the technical presentation at Near Surface Geoscience 2017 (Malme, Sweden). September 4, 2017.