Example: sparker sources
We design, manufacture and deliver geological prospecting and exploration equipment and software
We design, manufacture and deliver geological prospecting and exploration equipment and software


Video  Min Discussed method Date
Joint inversion of ERT and seismic tomography manual 3:15 ERT 03.03.2018
Quick ERT data denoising 2:54 ERT 14.09.2016
Using topography in ZondRes2D 1:43   17.06.2016
Combined inversion of ERT and self-potential data for enviromental 1:17  ERT + SP 18.11.2015
OhmMapper | BIKS data inversion in ZondRes2D 2:16 ERT 6.05.2015
Creating shaded image in ZondRes2D 1:20   26.04.2015
Modeling&Inversion for test model (research problem) 1:53 modelling 24.04.2015
Comparision of phases and differential phase parameter(ISIP) in 2.5D SIP modeling 1:59 SIP 21.04.2015
ERT2.5D&TDEM1D joint inversion 1:17 ERT + EM 6.04.2015
Full 2D joint inversion of resistivity imaging and refraction seismic data 2:34 ERT + seismic refraction method 27.03.2015
Estimation of DOI in resistivity imaging 3:25 ERT 22.02.2015
Using of boreholes data in zondres2d 1:02 borehole data accounting 22.02.2015
Inversion for arbitrary layered model in ZondRes2D 1:55 inversion 24.10.2014
ZondRes2D. Last update features. 3:42 modelling 13.10.2014
Importing of Excel data to ZondRes2D 2:20   22.06.2014
Resistivity inversion of long profiles in ZondRes2d 3:01 ERT 10.06.2014
Joint interpretation ERT and refraction seismic data 4:01 ERT + seismic refraction method 29.05.2014
Smoothed isolines mode in ZondRes2D 0:21    26.05.2014
Electromagnetic coupling in ERT data: removal 1:54 ERT 23.05.2014
Packet processing of data files in ZondRes2d 1:50 packet processing  19.04.2014
ERT inversion with GPR background 2:58 ERT + GPR 20.03.2014
2d resistivity inversion with apriori constraint 2:48 a priori data accounting 17.03.2014
Using of strike in 2D electrial resistivity tomography 0:49 ERT 15.11.2013
2D inversion VES data in ZondRes2D 3:12 VES 7.11.2013
2D Joint inversion of electrical resistivity tomography and radio magnetotellurics data 4:35 ERT + RМТ 16.07.2013
Resistivity imaging for monitoring of storage conditions 2:16 monitoring 25.06.2013
Full wave form time domain and frequency domain induced polarization inversion 4:58 IP 24.06.2013
Complex interpretation of ERT and magnetic data 4:52 ERT + magnetic survey 28.03.2013
ProfileR_ZondRes2D 2:33 ERT 9.03.2013
Resistivity imaging (ERT) with ZondRes2D 6:42 ERT 7.02.2013