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Electrical tomography set MEDUSA-SCAT + switchbox CommDD2



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  • Designed for resistivity and IP methods, including profiling, sounding and tomography:
    • on land;
    • on water areas and transition zones (TZ);
    • and in boreholes
  • The set includes MEDUSA receiver, SCAT II transmitter and switchbox CommDD2 for receiving and transmitting lines switching
  • Transmitter and receiver can perform measurements in wide frequency range
  • MEDUSA distinctive feature is the ability to measure the amperage
SCAT II transmitter:
Maximum output power 200 W
Maximum output voltage ±750 V
Maximum output current Up to 1 A
Operating temperature -40 - +50 °С
MEDUSA receiver:
Input impedance > 60 MOhm
Input voltage range ± 10 V
Accuracy better than 1 %
Operating temperature -40 - +70 °С
Dimensions 210 x 110 x 70 mm
Weight (without batt.) < 1.2 kg
CommDD2 switchbox:
Current in AB line up to 2 A
Maximum input voltage 400 V
Operating temperatures -20 … +50 °С
CNumber of switching electrodes 48/64 (up to 256 on request)
Connection to PC interface USB 2.0
Protection of electrical equipment IP-65
Overall dimensions 200x170x75 mm
Weight of set 1,5 kg
Transmitter SGD-EGC200_SKAT_2015_12_V4_eng_№036.pdf 862.35 kb 22 February 2017, 15:15 320.01 kb 02 March 2016, 12:26
USB_drivers_MEDUSA.rar 14.52 mb 21 October 2016, 12:27
Программа для смены прошивки устройств НПК СИБГЕОФИЗ ПРИБОР.rar 181.22 kb 21 October 2016, 12:30
Программа для чтения записей измерителя MEDUSA.rar 196.18 kb 21 October 2016, 12:30
All year round
marine, land, borehole
1D, 2D, 3D, 4D