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Equipment & Software for Geophysical Surveys: Design, Manufacture, Support, Supply

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TEM/TDIP receiver



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TEM/TDIP receiver is intended for registration of transient voltage in TEM and TDIP methods. For TEM measurements it is connected to a receiver loop or to a multi-turn coil.

In IP mode the signal is taken from a grounded receiver line with nonpolarizable electrodes.

The receiver is based on 16-bit ADC and an Analog Devices signal processor, that provide with noise-immune analog-digital conversion of input voltage and real-time signal preprocessing.


All the functions of TEM/IP receiver are controlled by a minicomputer (standard component of the receiver) or by a notebook computer via Bluetooth or RS-232 interface. Operating program for the signal processor is loaded from the control computer, the measured data are sent back and saved in the computer memory. Receiver control program provides with setting optimal measuring parameters, graphic presentation of measuring results to assess their quality and saving the data. Operational testing of the system in different field conditions, including extreme ones, proved its high reliability. That was achieved owing much to using of up-to-date electronic components as well as firm, dust- and water-protective instrumentation cases.

Maximum input voltage ±10 V
Time ranges:
TEM 5 us – 10 s
IP 30 ms – 50 s
Compensation of constant input signal IP ± 2.5 V
Receiver-transmitter synchronization:
TEM GPS or cable
IP GPS, cable or autonomous
Operating time without battery recharging not less than 8 h
Power supply (internal battery) 12 V
Weight (without minicomputer) 3.0 kg
Dimensions 210х80х250 mm
All year round
marin, land, borehole
1D, 2D, 3D, 4D