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Multi-electrode all-in-one resistivity meter Siber-48


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Main features:
  • Possibility of interactive parameters selection
  • Automatic checking of the electrodes grounding quality
  • High stability of each measurement
  • Automatic data filtering and smoothing

Receiver, transmitter and switchbox requred for tomography are placed in one robust ergonomic case. Using Siber-48 is efficient to perform VES (vertical electrical sounding), DES (dipole electrical sounding) and also electrical profiling. The device is widely used for 2D and 3D electrical resistivity tomography.

Having two 24 electrode cable systems with 5 m step you can get data for having geoelectrical section 235 meters long less then in 10 minutes.

For very long profiles "roll along" mode is avaliable, where the first segment of previous array of multielectrode cable.

Upgraded version of electrical resistivity meter Siber-48 has new features, among which are:

1. Work performance without failure at no-load or in case of short circuit due to improved generator back coupling

2. Measurement time reduced

3. Mechanical strength of the supporting structures improved

4. More reliable connectors for switchbox boards are used

5. Generator performance improved

6. Transformer overheating protection added

The model has passed all required tests (Russian standards ГОСТ 26116-84).

Supported arrays:

  • Wenner (alpha, beta, gamma), 

  • Schlumberger, 

  • Dipole-Dipole,

  • Pole-Dipole, 

  • Pole-Pole

Electrodes 48 (2x24)
Operating temperature -20 ... +40 °С
Dimensions 420 x 340 x 230 mm
Weight 11 kg
Internal memory up to 2 Gb
Internal battery 12 V, 7 A*h
External supply 12 V
Close lid protection IP 67
Open lid protection IP 54
Additional external switch unit NO
Additional external transmitter NO
Display 5", 240 x 128
External interfaces USB 2.0
Internal transmitter:
Operating frequencies 3.33, 0.86, 0.78, 0.74, 0.69, 0.66, 0.60 Hz
Max. output power 200 W
Max. output current 2 A
Max. output voltage 500 V
Short circuit protection YES
Channels 1
Bandwidth 20 Hz
Input impedance 10 MOhm
Input voltage range ±0.1 mV ... ±250 V
50 Hz rejection 65 dB
Accuracy better than 1 %
ADC 24 bits
Overvoltage protection 1 kV
All year round
marin, land, borehole
1D, 2D, 3D, 4D