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We design, manufacture and deliver geological prospecting and exploration equipment and software

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High frequency electrical resistivity system VEGA



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Main features:
  • Capacitive coupling type
  • High efficiency
  • Possible to have up to 4 receiving units
  • Non-stop performance mode
  • Shockproof case

Electrical resistivity system VEGA is designed for capacitive electrical profiling and helps to solve engineering and ecological problems to the depths of some tens meters. The system allows multi-channel data acquisition in non-stop mode.

VEGA uses .txt for collected data permitting to import that data to any data processing software.

Блок генератора комплекса Вега
Блок генератора комплекса Вега

The main features of VEGA system:

  • High performance efficiency
  • No need in direct contact
  • Non-stop data acquisition about geological section
  • Non-destructive method of investigation
  • Compact device in comparison to analogues
  • Works in wide range of weather conditions
  • Shockproof case
Оператор электоразведочного комплекса ВЕГА
Блок генератора комплекса Вега

The set includes:

  • Control unit
  • Transmitter
  • Receiving unit (1, 2, 3 or 4 pieces)
  • Charging unit
  • Capacitive lines
Operating frequency 16.0±10-4 kHz
Output current 1; 3; 10; 30 mA
Stabilization accuracy of the output current:
For capacitive lines ±5 %
For direct contact lines ±1 %
Error of switching step of the output current ±2 %
Limit values of the loads:
at output current 1 mA 510 kOhm
at output current 3 mA 170 kOhm
at output current 10 mA 51 kOhm
at output current 30 mA 17 kOhm
Internal or external power supply source 12 V, 4.5Ah
Operating temperature range -25 ... +50 °С
Dimensions 220 х 170 х 92 mm
Weight ~ 2 kg
Operating frequency 16.0±10-4 kHz
Bandwidth Max 20 Hz
Maximum input supply <13 V
Inherent noise level <0.5 µV
The input impedance at a symmetric input (parallel connection Cbx and Rbx):
Cbx < 6 pF
Rbx > 10MOhm
Internal power supply source 12 V, 3.8 Ah
Power consumption <1.2 W
Operating temperature range -25 ... +50 °С
Dimensions 370 х 90 х 90 mm
Weight ~ 2 kg
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