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Overhauser magnetometer MiniMag


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Main features:

  • Overhauser magnetometer

  • Built-in GLONASS / GPS module

  • Range: 20 000 - 100 000 nT

  • The most compact in the world

MiniMag is one of the most advanced versions of high-precision Overhauser magnetometers on the market. It enables one to measure the modulus of full vector of geomagnetic field with the highest accuracy. The device can be used as a field hand-held magnetometer or stand-alone base magnetic station with a programmable measurement cycle. Automatic coordinate referencing of observation points and time synchronization of the field magnetometer and base magnetic station are provided by the receiver built-in in the GLONASS / GPS console and the MagGPS software.


Areas of MiniMag application:

  • Mining of solid mineral deposits
  • Engineering surveys
  • Regional geological exploration
  • Geological exploration for oil and gas
  • Archaeological surveys


Distinctive features of the latest generation of MiniMag magnetometers compared with its previous versions:

  • Built-in GLONASS / GPS module
  • Communication with PC via USB interface
  • Additional built-in memory with MagGPS installation software that provides for downloading, processing, visualization and saving data in convenient formats
  • New convenient rugged case
  • Cables of new design with reinforced connectors
  • New ergonomic harness for even more comfortable work
  • New firmware provides enhanced gradient tolerance and noise immunity


Package contents:

  • magnetometer MiniMag
  • console
  • communication cable console-magnetometer
  • power cable
  • cable with a remote start button
  • USB cable
  • battery - 2 pc.
  • charger
  • backpack harness
  • stowage box
  • basic version of MagGPS software on the memory module built-in in console.


For fast, convenient and accurate data processing, we recommend the full version of MagGPS software.

Map of classified points of anomalous MF

Data visualization in the mode of anomalous magnetic profile map

Data visualization for base magnetic station

Automatic partitioning of the full set into profiles

Visualization of anomalous MF in the form of profile map

Visualization of anomalous MF on raster substrate

Selection of measurement points using a distribution histogram of magnetic field

Graphs of magnetic field variations at the base station

Anomalous magnetic profile map

Operating range, nT 20 000 ÷ 100 000
Resolution, nT 0.001
Absolute accuracy, nT ≤ 1
RMS error (when T = 2 s), nT 0.03
Gradient tolerance nT/m 20 000
Minimal measurement time, s 1
Memory capacity, measurements 1 000 000 (in base magnetic station mode), 250 000 (with coordinate referencing)
Communication interface with PC USB
Supply voltage, V 12
Operating time with one regular battery, h 12
Average power consumption (at one measurement per 10 s), W ≤ 1
Operating temperature range -20 ÷ 50 ˚С
Weight of working set, kg ≤ 4
All year round
marine, land, borehole
1D, 2D, 3D, 4D