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MINIMAG-M Magnetometers (New Edition)


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Main features:
  • Based on Overhauser effect
  • High absolute accuracy
  • 20 000 – 100 000 nT operating range
  • New edition:
    • easier in use
    • more user friendly design

MINIMAG-M is an upgraded single-channel magnetometer based on Overhauser effect. It is designed to measure magnetic field during magnetic survey for geological prospecting of economic mineral deposits and for detection of other buried magnetic objects. The device can be used as stand-alone magnetic variation station (MVS) with programmable cycle of measurements with maximum performance - 1 reading per 2 sec.

Compared to previous modification of MINIMAG, the new one has easier control protocol and more reliable maintainability. New LCD display is bigger and has better contrast than the one of the previous generation. The graph of the recorded field is shown on the display now and the memory is increased 8 times, what reduces limitations of the use of magnetometer.

Digital data output is performed via RS-232 or USB. Magnetometer kit is supplemented by remote launch button for convenience in case of survey performance by one operator.

Metrological and field-performance data of MINIMAG-M is comparable to those of similar foreign magnetometers, but is significantly lower in price.

Production of upgraded MINIMAG-M magnetometer began in 2010. MINIMAG-M v.2014 is an even newer modification that takes into account user feedback on improving the reliability and ease of magnetometer use.

Operating range 20 000 - 100 000 nT
Absolute accuracy ≤±2 nT
Supply power 12 V
Power consumption (with sample rate 1 measurement per 10 sec) ≤1,0 W
Operating temperature -10 … +50 °С
Weight ≤4,0 kg
RMS error ≤0,03
Memory 4,0 Mb
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All year round
marine, land, borehole
1D, 2D, 3D, 4D