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Field scintillation radiometer SRP-20


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Main features:

  • Fast detection of gamma anomalies

  • High sensitivity of measurements

  • Portability and ease of use

  • Arrow and sound indication

  • Integration time adjustment

SRP-20 is the most advanced version of previously popular radiometers SRP-68 and SRP-97 and their analogue in terms of functional use and application domain. SRP-20, alike previous versions, is a scintillation radiometer and is designed to search for radioactive ores based on their gamma radiation, radiometric surveying of the terrain, radiometric testing of quarries and mine openings and detection of radioactively contaminated zones. The pedestrian and logging (analogues SRP-97K and SRP-68-02 / 03) versions are commercially available, which differ in the design of the detection unit case with identical metrological characteristics. Due to the presence of Bluetooth and USB interfaces, data can be transferred to a PC in real time. It is also possible to increase the time integration window in order to obtain stable data on anomalies that are close to background values.

Areas of SRP-20 application:

  • Radioactive ores search by gamma radiation
  • Radiometric surveying of the terrain
  • Radiometric testing of quarries and mine openings
  • Detection of radioactive contamination zones
  • Gamma-ray logging.

Distinctive features of SRP-20:
  • Designed to work in the field
  • Capability to adjust the time integration window
  • Built-in Bluetooth and USB
  • Capability to visualize data on a PC
  • Sealed detection unit for pedestrian version can be used in shallow boreholes or for underwater objects surveying
  • Unified console for operation with logging and pedestrian detection unit.

Package contents:

  • Pedestrian detection unit
  • Measuring console
  • Battery (built-in)
  • Charger
  • Headphones Koss Porta Pro
  • Control source (Co-60) in a container
  • Rugged Case

Measurement range of exposure dose rate of gamma radiation, mcR/h 0 ÷ 3 000
Fundamental error of measurement of exposure dose rate of gamma radiation of 226Ra radionuclide no more than ±15% (not standardized in the measurement subrange 30 mcR/h)
Measurement range of the average count rate of recorded gamma, s-1 0 ÷ 10 000
Fundamental error of measurement of average count rate of recorded gamma no more than ±10%
Energy range of detecting gamma, keV 35 ÷ 3 000
Variation limit of averaging window, s 1 ÷ 20
Setting time of operating mode no more than 1 min
Power supply voltage, V 12.5 ± 2
Average power, W 0.8
Life time of power supply no less than 30 h
Operating temperature range -10 ÷ 50 ˚С
- detection unit, mm 56 × 155 × 480
- measuring console with power supply, mm 1190 × 90 × 145
Interfaces USB, Bluetooth
- detection unit, kg 1.3
- measuring console with power supply, kg 2.6
Life span no less than 6 years
All year round
marine, land, borehole
1D, 2D, 3D, 4D