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Field scintillation radiometer SRP-97


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Main features:
  • Rapid detection of gamma emitters
  • High sensitivity measurements
  • Portability and ease of use
  • Indication on analogue display and audio signals in headphones

Geological prospecting and exploration scintillation device SRP-97 is designed for radioactive ores search due to their gamma radiation, radiometric survey of the locality, radiometric survey of the mines and excavations, and detection of zones of radioactive contamination.

The measuring range of exposure dose rate (EDR) of gamma-radiation -  0-3000 µR/h
Error of measurements of gamma-radiation EDR 226Ra radionuclide  doesn't exceed ± 15%
The measuring range of avearge count rate of detected gamma-quanta -  0-10 000 s-1
Error of measurements of average count rate of detected gamma-quanta not more then ±15%

Energy threshold for gamma-quanta detection ≤25±5 keV
Start up time ≤1,0 min
Supply power 12,5±2 V
Operating temperature -10° - +50°С
detecting unit 56x155x480 mm
measuring unit with power supply 1190х90х145 mm
detecting unit 1,3 kg
measuring unit with power supply 2,6 kg
Durability 6 years
All year round
marine, land, borehole
1D, 2D, 3D, 4D