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Equipment & Software for Geophysical Surveys: Design, Manufacture, Support, Supply
Equipment & Software for Geophysical Surveys: Design, Manufacture, Support, Supply

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Geophone array GStreamer


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The borehole seismic array with three-component clamping geophone modules is designed for multiwave crosshole seismic testing. The number of modules on the cable can vary from 1 to 8. The interval between modules is determined by the Customer.

As sensor elements, three normally oriented geophones with a natural frequency of 12.5 Hz are used in each module. The module clamping is achieved by a passive flat spring. Lowering the cable into the borehole is conducted through the load fixed on the end of it.

The use of array with clamping modules along with shear wave source SHock and power supply Jack allows multiwave observations with registration of transverse (S-) waves at distances up to 30 m.

The geophone array can be supplied on a reel with slip ring, which allows to leave the equipment plugged into it while winding and unwinding the cable.

Number of modules in array 1 - 8 pc
Number of channels in module 3 pc
Compensation coupled geophones yes
Natural frequency of geophones 12.5 Hz
Maximum operating pressure 15 atm.
Interval between modules in array 1 - 10 m
Maximum diameter of module 60 m
Borehole diameter range 70 - 150 mm
Clamping force range 1:7 - 1:11
Remote snapping of springs yes
Operation without plummet in the well yes
Compatible with linear seismic stations yes
All year round
marin, land, borehole
1D, 2D, 3D, 4D