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We design, manufacture and deliver geological prospecting and exploration equipment and software

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Towed hydrophone array HRStreamer


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Main features:

  • Acceleration-insensitive hydrophone

  • Small diameter

  • Different filling materials

The towed linear hydrophone array HRStreamer is designed to be used as a receiving system for performing high-resolution seismic operations in the water area with continuous seismoacoustic profiling (СSP), high-resolution (HR) or super-ultra-high-resolution / super-high-resolution (SUHR / SHR) and other methods. Sensitive elements of the cable system are high-sensitivity hydrophones with signals preamplifiers. The number of channels in array can vary from 1 to 48. As filling materials the polymers of different consistency, natural or synthetic oil can be used. Maximum working pressure of 40 atm. allows one to use cable systems in order to implement a buried observation system.

In addition to HRStreamer the following items can be purchased: 

  • High-frequency seismic station 

  • Deck winch

  •  Towed buoys with positioning system 

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  • Towed sparkers and boomers with MultiJack power supplies 

  • Software for quality control and data processing.

Cable system
linear with preamplifiers
Number of channels
Interval between channels
as agreed
End connector type as agreed
External diameter
from 32 mm
Piezoelectric element
Operating frequency band
10 – 10 000 Hz
180 ± 30 uV/Pa
4000 pF
Maximum working pressure
40 atm
Sensitivity to accelerations
protected against acceleration
low-noise dissymmetric
6 ± 0,5 dB
Current consumption per channel
10 ± 1mA
Output resistance
395 Ohm
Power supply voltage
±12 V, bipolar
Maximum output level
±3,8 V
Root-mean-square voltage of the intrinsic electrical noise,
given by output, in the operating frequency band
less than 10 μV
Usage conditions
Operating temperature range
-10 .. +70 °С
Storage temperature range
-40 .. +70 °С
All year round
marin, land, borehole
1D, 2D, 3D, 4D