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Energy sources MultiJack



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Main features:

  • High charge rate

  • Flip-flop, simultaneous source, code sequences and multilevel sources support

  • High power

  • Easy handling

Energy sources MultiJack provide operation of sparker and boomer sound sources that are used in geophysical surveys in the water area with Continuous Seismoacoustic Profiling (СSP), High Resolution or Ultra High Resolution Seismics (HRS/UHRS) and VSP. In addition to supporting the standard mode of operation with a single source, MultiJack energy sources allow to work in an array for successful fulfilment of the latest technologies:

  • Flip-flop mode

  • Multi-level source 

  • Simultaneous source 

  • Coded shooting.

The use of multilevel sources allows to achieve a certain source directivity, to control the spectral composition of the generated signal and to modify the pulse shape (the source signature). The application of multilevel sources in conjunction with impulse-code sequences makes it possible to use a ghost wave as a source of useful signal. The use of code sequences also makes it possible to work with amplitudes of generated signals that are much smaller than the source signals amplitudes in a standard seismic survey with a single excitation of the signal at each shot point. At the same time, the total energy of the recorded signal is preserved without loss in data quality.

Deploying the simultaneous source (or multi-shooting) technology allows to get a number of significant advantages in comparison with use of single sources:

  • Increase in the detail of research by using several nearby sources


  • The possibility to determine kinematic and dynamic characteristics of geological medium at depths exceeding the length of recording system


  • The transition from swathe shooting geometry to in-line shooting geometry due to source separation on either side of the recording system


  • The acquisition of seismic data over a wide range of azimuths due to non-longitudinal towing scheme of several sources


 An important feature of MultiJack system when working in an array is its exceptional simplicity - all units are controlled by a single MultiJackPad remote control that allows to configure the operating mode of each energy source including determining the interval between shots and their energy, indicating the constant and accidental response delays, generating code sequences, charge rate adjustment (power consumption) and testing of the entire system or each individual unit. In addition, MultiJack energy sources are balanced by the maximum pulse energy and charge rate so that it is guaranteed to provide standard observation steps at a typical vessel speed of 3-5 knots.

The standard set of MultiJack energy source consists of:

  • MultiJack Unit 

  • Sync connector (2 pc.) 

  • Power cable 

  • Universal switching module for connecting the source 

  • Documentation Kit.

In addition to MultiJack energy sources the following items can be purchased:

As may be agreed, it is possible to manufacture a energy source and a source of the required power and configuration. For the correct preparation of technical design specification, please contact us using any method indicated on the website.

MultiJack model 500HP1.5 1250HP1.5 2500HP3.0 5000HP6.0 10000HP12 25000HP12 50000HP12
Operating voltage, kV 2-4
Type of charger impulse
Trigger mode   external/repetitive/manual
Support of survey technologies Standard, flip-flop, simultaneous Source, coded and multilevel source
Operating energy, J 50-500 300-1 250 300-2 500 300-5 000 300-10 000 300-25 000 300-50 000
Charging rate, J/s 1 500 1 500 3 000 6 000 12 000 12 000 12 000
Minimum period of operation at the minimum pulse energy, s 0.25 0.6 0.4 0.3 0.2 0.2 0.2
Minimum period of operation at the maximum pulse energy, s 0.5 1 1 1 1 2.3 4.3
Minimum distance between shot points on maximum pulse energy and vessel speed is 3-5 knots, m 0.8-1.3 1.5-2.6 1.5-2.6 1.5-2.6 1.5-2.6 3.5-5.8 6.7-11.1
Power mains 110 or 220 V, 50 Hz 380 V, 50 Hz
Maximum power consumption, kW 1/2/3 1/2/3 1/2/3/4/5/6 12 24
Overall dimensions, mm 540×410×270 580×560×500 580×590×690 depends of customization
Weight, kg 20 26 74 99 depends of customization
Device model MultiJackPad
Purpose of use remote control of MultiJack
Maximum length of communication line, m 100
Overall dimensions, mm 240 × 198 × 109
Weight, kg 1.5

The manufacturer reserves the right to make changes in the design of devices that do not significantly alter the functional characteristics of the product.



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