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Energy sources Jack



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Main features:
  • High operating energy
  • Rugged construction for use in adverse conditions
  • High charge rate
  • Possible to control power consumption
  • Compact device

Energy sources Jack ensure the operation of electrosparking and electrodynamic sources used in geophysical surveys in boreholes by methods of crosshole seismic testing (CST), vertical seismic profiling (VSP), vertical seismoacoustic profiling (VSaP) and others.

Jack design deploys a reliable thyristor key, that enables obtaining a really short high-voltage electric pulse. The energy source is operated from ас system with 110 / 220 V voltage.

In Jack-500 and Jack-1200 models, pulse chargers provide an average charge rate of 500 J/s. Jack‑2500HP version is equipped with a fast charger that is capable to regulate the charging speed (500 / 1000 / 1500 J/s). Thus, all Jack energy sources allow operation with compact portable generators (with power of 0,8 kW and more).

Jack energy sources allow one to work with three triggering modes:

  • triggering from an external device (seismic station, synchronization system, etc.)

  • a series with a given number of pulses and a period of their repetition

  • infinite series of pulses with a given period.

Energy sources Jack can be equipped with a portable remote control unit JackPad.

Compact dimensions, impact-resistant leakproof Pelicase casing, light weight, well-conceived and intuitive user interface, remote control unit, allow to consider Jack energy sources as the most modern and truly mobile devices among all the analogues available on the market.

The standard set of Jack energy source consists of:

  • Jack Unit

  • Sync connector (2 pc.)

  • Power cable

  • Universal switching module for connecting the source

  • Documentation Kit.

In addition to Jack energy sources the following items can be purchased:

As may be agreed, it is possible to manufacture a energy source and a source of the required power and configuration. For the correct preparation of technical design specification, please contact us using any method indicated on the website.

For performance of high-resolution marine seismic operations, the specialized energy sources MultiJack are available.

500 1200 2500HP
Operating voltage, kV 2-4
Discharger type thyristor
Trigger mode external/repetitive/manual
Operating energy, J 50-500 300-1200 300-2500
Charge rate, J/s 500 500 1500
Minimum period of operation at the minimum pulse energy, s 0.4 1.4 0.6
Minimum period of operation at the maximum pulse energy, s 1.2 2.7 1.9
Power requirements 110 or 220 V, 50 HZ
Power consumption, kW 1 1 1/2/3
Overall dimensions, mm 490×370×230 540×410×270 630×500×300
Weight, kg 18 22 34
remote control of Jack
Maximum length of communication line, m 100
Overall dimensions, mm
Weight, kg

The manufacturer reserves the right to make changes in the design of devices that do not significantly alter the functional characteristics of the product.



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