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Equipment & Software for Geophysical Surveys: Design, Manufacture, Support, Supply
Equipment & Software for Geophysical Surveys: Design, Manufacture, Support, Supply

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Seismograph TELSS-402/403


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Main features:
  • Telemetry system
  • Up to 1600 receiver channels
  • ADC 32 bits
  • 2-C or 3-C digital sensors
  • Simultaneous registration of P and S waves

Telss-402/403 are telemetric two- or three-component seismic recording systems that deploy compact digital data acquisition modules, each of which combines GS-20DX geophones, 32-bit ADCs and the relevant electronics in one casing. Telemetry modules are connected to standard cable sections that are in-series coupled to each other. Up to two receiving lines with a total number of active channels of 200 could be connected to an interface module that in turn connects to a laptop or an operator’s tablet via USB, Ethernet or Wi-Fi (depending on realization).

The combination of seismic receivers with electronics in a single casing allows achieving the maximum level of seismic channel protection from induced noise. Deploying inexpensive cable sections with a different step between receiver points, the same set of digital modules can furnish seismic observations that allow studies at different depths.

Seismic stations Telss-402/403 are capable of providing a wide range of solutions for engineering surveys, studying the upper part of the section, 2D and 3D single-component and multicomponent surveys, and monitoring of deposits.

Portability, modularity, flexibility and low weight of Telss-402/403 enable organizing an adaptive scheme for the projects implementation, minimizing logistics costs, and adjusting the existing set of equipment for solving new tasks. The possibility of using the wireless interface module allows geophysical parties to conduct seismic surveys in hard-to-reach, environmentally sensitive places, as well as in urban areas.

The set includes:
  • Module with USB or Ethernet / Wi-Fi interface for communication with the operator's laptop
  • 2 or 3-channel data acquisition modules
  • Cable sections with connectors for 8 modules
  • Battery unit
  • Set of cables: communication, power, synchronization
  • Wired or wireless synchronization system (WSS-1).
  • Operation manual

Additional equipment:
Seismic station type telemetry
Number of channels up to 1600
ADC 32 bit
Instantaneous dynamic range 130 dB
Gain 0; 12; 24; 36 dB
Sampling period 0,25; 0,5; 1; 2; 4 ms
Frequency bandwidth 0-1600 Hz
Maximum record length 4096 readings per channel
Dead time of registration (pre-launch) 32 readings
Maximum signal amplitude at minimum gain ±2.5 V
Inherent noise level 0.08 µV
Nonlinear-distortions coefficient 0.0005 %
Mutual influence between channels 130 dB
Common-mode rejection ratio 120 dB
Power consumption 0.15 W per channel
Power system: external rechargeable battery 12 - 30 V
Temperature range -40 ÷ +70 С°
Weight 1.9 kg
Overall dimensions 230 х 167 х 90 mm
Control Laptop / tablet
Data interface USB
Warranty 36 months
Overall dimensions of the module 105 х 83 х 77 mm (2C-module) / 106 x 90 x 77 mm (3C-module)
Number of channels in module 2 or 3
Number of modules per section 8
Distance between modules arbitrary
Module power consumption 0.15 W per channel
Mass of the module 0.6 kg (2C-module) / 0.8 kg (3C-module)
All year round
marin, land, borehole
1D, 2D, 3D, 4D