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Magnetic prospecting

Video  Min Discussed method Program Date Fast 2D transformation of gravity and magnetic fields 0:40 magnetic survey GM2D 29.08.2017 ZondGM3D software for 3D gravity and magnetic inversion 10:43 magnetic survey GM3D 29.06.2017 Remanent magnetization parameters in ZondGM2D 0:49 magnetic survey GM2D 9.05.2016 Video with new features ...
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Video  Min Discussed method Date Fast 2D transformation of gravity and magnetic fields 0:40 gravity prospection magnetic survey 29.08.2017 Polygonal modeling in Zond software products 7:31 modelling 10.05.2016 Remanent magnetization parameters in ZondGM2D 0:49 magnetic survey 9.05.2016 Fast transformation of potential fields to section 1:49 gravity prospection ...
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MMPG-1 gradiometers

... readings. MMPG-1 is a model of ‘walking’ Overhauser magnetometer-gradiometer designed for application in mineral deposits prospecting and exploration. Having sufficiently high resolution and processing speed along with stable in time readings this ... ... digital data and can be used with GPS. Compared to standard magnetometers MMPG-1 has 2 channels, that allows not only measure magnetic field (T), but also get the values of gradient or increment of magnetic field. Magnetometer readings’ volatility does ...

ZondRes2dp - 2.5D electrotomography for resistivity and IP. Polygonal model style

... Well-known data formats are also supported (Res2Dinv, ABEM, Sens2dInv etc.). The program works with any (applied in electric prospecting) types of electrodes array (two, three and four – electrodes) or their combinations. There is possibility of all ... ... by modeling mode of gravimagnetic data. Thus, to each body of the section two additional parameters are added – density and magnetic susceptibility. Joint interpretation of those methods allows solve successfully many geological tasks. ZondRes2dp has ...

Results of the year

... enhancing land Overhauser ( MiniMang ) and quantum ( QuantumMag )magnetometers , scintillation radiometer SRP-20 and portable magnetic susceptibility meter PIMV . Besides that, in the departing year a number of new products that you can get acquainted ... ... and clients. We would like to thank you for your collaboration and wholeheartedly wish you all stability and prosperity, new prospects and successful implementation of all your plans in the coming 2019 year! See you next time!
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ZondRes2D - 2.5D electrotomography for resistivity and IP

... (inversion) of electrical tomography data is used two- and three-dimensional models. It significantly extends the range of electric prospecting solved problems due to sections investigating that are considerably different from «classic» horizontal-layered.... ... mathematical modeling of geoelectrical section. Standard “bitmap” style and polygonal style. Additional tools for gravity, magnetic and self-potential forward modeling and joint inversion. Number of the resistivity and IP inversion algorithms: smooth,...
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